How to improve your photography technique?

Like every device and equipment, a camera comes with a manual that explains the use of various modes defined in it besides giving you the option of avoiding blurring or reducing red-eye elements in your photos. What matters here is; you have to learn through the manual abut the best use of your camera. Whether you carryout an indoor or outdoor photography endeavor, it requires proper photography technique to follow. You should know at which places your camera’s flash needs to be turned on or off. While taking flash photographs indoors, you should not overlook the reflecting objects, if any, behind your subject since it may only give you a splash of light and your main image may appear in complete dark. A better photographic technique in this case would be to move your camera away from the light reflecting body and do not shoot the photo exactly head on.

When you perform an outdoor photography, you should keep the sun behind your subject besides turning on your camera’s fill in function. A workable photographic technique in the outdoors is to recompose the picture by half depressing your camera’s buttons until your camera focuses the image. When the image is focused, you can recompose your photograph according to your requirement. Look at the camera’s frame very carefully and try not to focus an uninteresting object into your photo that unnecessarily may appear above or on the side of your focused image. Set your camera’s resolution high in order to shoot and capture high quality photos. You just can’t crop with low resolution images as compared to high resolution images.

Photos usually taken in natural light and in auto mode do give better results. In photography, the use of various lenses produces necessary effects in both the long and close range formats of photography. It is always beneficial to know why, where, and how lenses are used to capture your images perfectly. Before the advent of modern cameras, photographers had to work hard upon their photographic technique with the only availability of fixed lenses. Anything wider than their size required wide angle lens. With the arrival of zoom lenses, it has become possible to magnify images as per your photography requirements. Although today’s SLR cameras and other live-preview digital cameras are not vulnerable to obstructions, however, it’s very essential that you should keep your camera’s lens safe from thumb impressions and straps etc. to avoid ruining your photographs.

Another amazing photography technique is the form of bounce lash photography in which you are actually redirecting the light to come to your subject in a defused way, thereby leaving a little chance for hot-spots on your subject’s face. Since the light is made to come far off to the subject-to-lens axis, the possibility of red eye will not be a problem and you can steer clear of harsh shadows as well. These are a few out of many best ways to take good photographs.


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